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How often do you fly on airplanes? Which airlines buy or order tickets, e-tickets on planes or in cash? On the Internet you can find a lot of different directions in different countries and in Russia on vacation. Inexpensive vacation at seaside resorts Russia or Turkey. Aircraft every twenty to thirty minutes taking off from the runway. And airports resort towns are taking a huge number of tourists or travelers. Now we can assume to save than airlines, of course, the number of passengers. Something bonuses when purchasing tickets to both buy not expensive flight tickets and much more. In this article, we will look at what flights are called - charter flights. Charter companies referred to those organizations who are taking other airlines to lease aircraft. Charter flights are usually not included in the standard schedule of air travel in the port. To date, about 30% of the total number of airlines from Russian companies - charter airlines that operate charter flights, they are just about no one speaks. Many asked themselves the question: "At what expense from charter airlines such low fares?" It's very simple - charter airline save on almost everything than you. Such charter airlines are trying to optimize the most effective of all flights and at the same time the most efficient use of their resources. Let's find out more benefits and job charter airlines. • Do not charter airline sales offices, which is a huge saving on staff, rental of space at the airport, and tickets are basically on their flights in electronic form. • The ticket price does not include charter airline meals, although you can order it for a fee. • It is possible for aircraft landing and sending charter airlines use smaller airports. • An important point to order tickets for charter planes to airlines, so the option of buying tickets is not always convenient to customers (travel agencies) and leisure - than before the date of departure gain, plane tickets, the cheaper it will be. Electronic tickets charter airlines can be returned only in the event of a flight cancellation plane, which is very rare. • Aircraft charter airlines leased - too often are not in any condition, as served for many years and did not differ in their comfort, as opposed to modern aircraft. Although most charter airlines today - try to rent a modern and economical small-sized airplanes. Also promoted charter airlines already do not rent and buy property in airplanes - and save money on repair and maintenance of aircraft gives the aircraft purchase one manufacturer and one model. • For charter flights are often delayed departures or canceled flights. • Many charter airlines do not always provide additional services at airports. • In the charter flights severe restrictions on luggage weight for the extra pounds will have to pay. Typically, one-time charter airlines have flights to the areas that have become popular among traveling people to stay on the Russian coast or abroad for a certain period of time. You could say this period is increased by the number of vacationers who scored travel company to stay in one place. Ideally, such plane waiting for the end of all leisure travelers to take them back. On the charter flight was a charter contract between the airline and travel company that did not have any problems with flight delays on flights. All charter flights have to be approved by the State Civil Aviation Service of Russia. Tour operator, or in other words the customer charter flight - called airline consolidator. This is a company that provides services to consolidate passengers on charter flights and the organization of their delivery planes abroad or methamphetamine stay in Russia. These days, very fast growing tourism activity, in addition to all the usual seaside holidays in the Krasnodar region, many people began to fly to different countries on holiday. To do this, travel agencies and arrange charter flights. Charter flights under contract with the tour operators flying in the same time as other time allocated for major airlines. Tickets for charter flights are sold only through travel agencies, company websites at the box office of Aeroflot tickets for charter flights are not sold. Depending on the season to stay in a particular place, with a small number of passengers that travel companies merged and bought a charter plane. As we said earlier, the charter plane flies in his spare time in between flights to the main airport. Charter plane flying on a certain route, landing at the destination disembarks passengers, takes the already rested people and flies back. And so long as it is in line with the seasons popular plane flies back and forth. This type of charter flights for tour companies unprofitable. Since they do not have to pay for a flight, and a few, as the tour operator has to pay for another flight there and back to pick up their customers. As a result, the travel company to avoid losses from such flights, holiday season they raise their ticket prices to the maximum. The most beneficial option for travel companies charter flight is when a charter plane waiting for passengers, which he brought to rest the entire period of their package holiday tour operator. Such a charter flight is usually ordered on certain holidays in one country or another, or for traveling people who are flying on a charter flight to rest on flights only five to ten days. Many tour operators book airfare combinations when travelers have to fly in two or even three different planes. On one or two planes they fly on regular flights to major airports, and then transplanted to charter planes that carry up to a business center on the island, or similar remote resorts. This is the main advantage of charter flights as well as on the most popular resorts in Russia and abroad there are no direct flights traditional airlines. Here also come to the aid of people traveling or leisure travel companies who bought charter plane, delivering passengers to any destination in Russia and abroad. Usually the price of tickets charter aircraft in two, and even three times lower than in normal flight, so that, despite many shortcomings charter airlines, they are very popular, like a tourist organizations, and among the rest.

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