On the Black Sea

Combs also in its own interest. This clam can move like a rocket. With the power of scallop shells slams his sash, and a jet of water it takes a meter or two ahead. Do scallops many eyes. There are about a hundred. Why do they need it - is unclear. This clam is blind. If the eye is removed, the increase in its new location. From the Far East, along with the ships of the Black Sea arrived shellfish Rapana. Now, he has captivated the entire coast of the Caucasus. Rapana edible. From it you can prepare a delicious soup, and it reminds sturgeon meat. Rapana - a predator, and the object of her hunting serve mussels and oysters. Young rapana drilled sink and drink the contents of the victim, while the adults secrete mucus, which paralyzes the sash and shellfish can eat Rapanu host. It is believed that Rapana - the next of kin of those missing most shellfish shells from which the ancient Phoenicians gave his famous purple dye. Opening purpura credited Phoenician god MELKART. One day, he and his beloved dog was walking along the seashore. Dog rummaging in coastal algae. Suddenly Melkart noticed that out of the dog's mouth dripping blood stream. He called his favorite, and tried to wipe the blood. It turned out that there is no wound. Just a dog razgryzla sink, from which emerged a bloody purple paint. The secret production Melkart gave the Phoenicians, who were able to during the life of its people completely rework all relatives rapana in the paint. In the Black Sea meet and crabs. "Spider", marble, stone, grass, Xanten, krasnokory. A total of 18 species. Here they reach large proportions. The largest - krasnokory. Even it rarely reaches a size of 20 cm in diameter. Approximately 180 known species of fish that live in the Black Sea. Beluga, sturgeon, herring, anchovy (Black Sea anchovy), sprat, whitebait, mullet, goatfish, horse mackerel, mackerel, flounder, bonito, tuna. It is extremely rare in the Black Sea swims swordfish. Found in the sea-eels and river and sea. Among the fish that do not have much commercial value, it can be noted bull, ruff sea, sea needle, seahorse, stickleback, sea dragon, greenfinch - small colorful fish that could sink his teeth bite molluscs, sea cock (triglycerides), monkfish. Previously lived in the Black Sea as much as 3 species of mullet, but because of fishing and marine pollution kefalevogo herd size was dramatically reduced. To remedy the situation, the Sea of Japan was brought pelengas. This is also a mullet, but more unpretentious. He is fully acclimatised, bred and has now become a target species fishermen. Fortunately, the population of the Black Sea and the mullet in recent years is gradually being restored. Stargazer, which is sometimes called the sea cow, digs deep into the mud, putting on only one surface of the tendril-like worm. This tendril it attracts small fish and suck on them. Pipefish and seahorse differ from other fish because of their females do not spawn eggs into the water, and in particular the skin folds on the back of males and females carries the eggs until hatching fry. It is also interesting that the eyes of skates and needles can be rotated independently and look in different directions. Sharks in the Black Sea are two types. Spiny dogfish (spiny dogfish, dogfish) and a small shark spotted stsillium (cat shark). Spiny dogfish can sometimes reach up to 2 meters, and more than a meter shark cat never grows up. And the spiny dogfish and stsillium not dangerous to humans, although in relation to the fish behave like real evil and violent predators. Eat everything that moves, even if they are full. Dogfish meat is quite tasty. Especially good are the fins, liver and salmon. In the liver, Dogfish contains a substance that helps patients with certain forms of cancer. There is even a drug "katreks", which is made from the liver of the Black Sea shark. In the Black Sea are found not only fish, but also marine animals. Over the last 80 years at sea twice went whales. Constantly there are three species of dolphins: Harbour porpoise (harbor porpoises), bottlenose dolphin and common dolphin. Moreover, common dolphin and harbor porpoises inhabit this planet for 10 million years. Bottlenose younger. She sails the sea about 5 million years. These old-timers of the ocean. For comparison: the man appeared on Earth about 350,000 years ago. So it is quite possible that the dolphins are our elder brothers in mind. At least the Dolphins are gaining in intelligence tests to check 190 points, a person is only 25 points more. But this human tests. I wonder how many points we scored a dolphin in check? Past 30 years, scientists concerned with the question: does the dolphin language? It seems to be searching for dolphin alphabet failed. People have not learned to distinguish the individual "letters" and "words" in dolphin whistle. And maybe, their language is not composed of "words". It is known that dolphins "see" in water using an ultrasonic locator. Send a signal, it is reflected from the obstacle and back out. Then in the dolphin brain, it is converted into an image, a picture. So why in this case the words? Just picked up and sent a telegram to his friend did not, and the picture. Perhaps what happens? While there is no answer to this question. But the Dolphins are constantly explored in the special dolphin, one of which is located in the Small Utrish. Dolphins often come close to shore and allow people to play with you. Play games, but the teeth of dolphins impressive, and the animal weighs about 250 kg. In the ocean, dolphins are not even afraid of sharks. Dispersed in water and ram nose dangerous fish. Of course, seeing the dolphins near the shore, I want to make friends with him, but it's better to think, what if he is hungry, and sailed to hunt mullet. Here you would like it if someone would deny you lunch, and even demanded that played with him. Let them at sea hosted by those who have mastered the depth long before the people on the land. Sometimes sick animals beaching themselves, as if asking for the protection of the inhabitants of the land. In 1994, the real epidemic was raging sea. The virus-like pathogen measles killed a lot of these fun and playful ministers of Neptune. Long enough for the dolphins were the subject of fishing. For example, in 1952, 300,000 were caught bottlenose dolphins. Since 1966, the dolphin fishing is prohibited, although a lot of them die, gasping in fishing nets.

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