Fishing for women

Came the fishing season, and the men are leaving the warm fishing companies into the unknown distance. Sometimes returned to the fish, sometimes without - well, not pecked, but men are always very pleased with themselves. And the women, of course, jealous. And more worryingly: you never know what happens on this fishing ... Nature, silence, stars in the night sky above a fire .... A family commitments elsewhere. And suddenly gets used? I would like to monitor. But how? It makes no sense to read the husband of morality and duty to remind the family. This is - a sure way to a quarrel in the family. In the end, not so much, and he asks - only to go on a fishing trip, relax in nature and in silence. It is better not to make trouble, and to keep him company. Just remember to go with her husband on a fishing trip can be a single case - if he feels that you do not want to follow him, but also a break from the daily tasks that you like spending the night outdoors, fire, stars and ... fishing itself. That's where the dog and buried. Ride-that are loved by all, but the sled to transport - just a few. If you think that fishing - a tedious process that is suitable only for lazy people who just dozing over a fishing rod, then throw these thoughts out of my head. First, the fishing can be very active, if to catch on spinning - with him to keep moving, constantly throwing. But for all women, it is better fishing rod - a quiet seat on the shore on a folding chair. That is what is very quiet seat gambling thing. When you look at the float and wait - just about twitches, is about to bite, and bite at the heart of hoots somewhere, palms are wet, and her fingers tighten rod - well, just as if you pick just about the bank at the casino. So, the first point: how to persuade her husband to take on a fishing trip. First of all - in any case do not ask him to go fishing if the company is expected "men only." Especially if the company has agreed to go ahead, was chosen cozy and fishing town, a week or two preparing gear, supplies of food, tents checks and so on. To start optimally - to offer her husband to go on a fishing trip together instead of to the country. Especially if the country is your mother, who always will find something idle hands. For example, weed the garden, dig a flower bed or two more, to repair anything. Do not forget to tell her husband how you dreamed all his life to catch the fish. At least the smallest. Well, that's at least a roach. Do not try to accompany their requests for fishing hysterical crying or hysterical cries. Fishing does not suffer like that, it's - the relaxation and peace of mind. If you are still at the stage of the request to make trouble, then you can forget about fishing. But here you are persuaded. There comes a time point of the second: how to prepare for a fishing trip. Bring a sweater - the night at the water is cool. Do not forget a swimsuit. Required - repellent for more powerful (where the body of water - there and mosquitoes, and especially the atrocities of). Rubber boots and a light type of crocs shoes. Grab a few pairs of surgical gloves. Keep in mind, you should be useful, so check with recipes field kitchen, learn how to cook over a campfire, and a bowler hat from concentrate (for example, a good borscht soup is obtained from a bag and cans of stew). And here you are on a fishing trip. Now, the third point: how to actually catch fish. Do not try to help her husband, equip a fishing rod. You are sure to do something wrong. Better watch enraptured eyes, as he does himself. Ask the show slow down - you are going to learn everything! When it comes to the first throw, take care that was not around no bushes or trees - it is a potentially dangerous items that are very easy to hang the bait. Do not start with the fact that your husband had to jump under a tree, trying to get the hook, fishing line or get out of the bushes. But here's the very least you learned how to cast a fishing rod. Now you need to supply it with bait. For many women - an ordeal. After all, the fish does not eat something decent, like sausages. Give her a worm moth, maggots and other such "delicacies". Take this crap will not in the hands of every woman. You remember the surgical gloves? Their time has come. This is to ensure they are needed - not to have to take all of these worms and maggots with his bare hands. Well, if your hands are protected gloves, then why not. You can certainly buy a special dough baits, but the fish are not stupid, and eat meat with much more pleasure. In addition, your task - to make her husband as much as possible favorable impression as the angler. Therefore it is better to fasten solemnly surgical gloves, intently to attach a worm to a hook, cast a line and kept his eyes on the float. Let the husband sees that you are really passionate about fishing. Well, if I can catch anything! Do not forget about the storm of delight, but not in the case of her husband bite. Admires a whisper! Women, remember: you do not ballast, you should be useful for fishing. So prepare lunch and dinner. It is not so difficult, because no one expects you to French haute cuisine. The main thing - not to shy away from the fire, not enough for a bowler with his bare hands and try not to overdo soup or porridge. During cooking dinner immediately think of breakfast - if your husband loves the first bite, it will rise in the morning very early. Item four: no complaints. Do not complain about mosquitoes, on damp, cold, drizzling rain, fumed fire, tasteless stew, tent and so on. From you only one complaint - and the more you will not get to go fishing. Do not try to make big eyes or make a scene, to find that her husband took with him not only pickles, but also something alcoholic. A little ginger alcohol on a fishing trip never hurts, especially in the evening fire. Rejoice rest. Rejoice each caught fish. Rejoice in nature, the stars, the cool breeze from the river, sea or lake. Rejoice fireworks sparks from the fire. How can you smile more. And maybe you really enjoy fishing. But the main thing - maybe her husband will like to go fishing with you. And the fifth point, he's the last: after fishing. Do not forget to thank her husband for giving pleasure. According to ravish still fishing, remember gambling on biting moments, romantic breath of the stars over the fire. Timidly ask tutorial on fishing and - when the next time you can still get a treat when you can go fishing again? And someday you will even take the company to go fishing "for men only"

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