Vacation on the Black Sea

Russian coast of the Black Sea has a length of about three kilometers and is part of the resort area of Anapa, Gelendzhik Resort district and the Tuapse district of Krasnodar region and includes the port city of Novorossiysk and Sochi. The Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region - the warmest place in Russia with the soothing subtropical climate. Thanks to the mild winter, treatment and rest in the Black Sea is possible all year round. Although the current climate, and in the winter, such as 2011-2012, when the sea was frozen, it is difficult to speak of permanence. The average water temperature in the Black Sea never drops below eight degrees of heat and warms up to twenty degrees Celsius by the end of May. The sunniest and driest month on the Black Sea coast is December. For this reason, in the winter in Sochi hosts many conferences, festivals and other entertainment and business events. Spring on the coast of the Black Sea, although early, but quite cool, and much colder autumn. In March, the average temperature in the Krasnodar region of ten degrees, and the weather is changeable, and by and large rainy. The most warm and comfortable weather, recreation and swimming in the Black Sea begins in July and August, when the average daily temperature is twenty-four degrees of heat, and the water temperature rises to twenty-seven degrees. However, the heat in the Krasnodar Territory is easily tolerated by the fact that the Black Sea is always a light breeze blowing, and in the valleys of the cool air coming down from the mountains in particular where there are mountain rivers. Autumn "Indian Summer" - a very popular time to relax on the Black Sea, due to the fact that the intensity of the scorching sun is much lower than in July and August, and the temperature of the sea water is often warmer than the surrounding air. Such weather conditions are favorable and frequent bathing and relaxing in the sea without fear of burn in the sun or get sunstroke. In the autumn season well rest on the sea, both adults and children. Russian coast of the Black Sea is clearly divided into two distinct parts by natural conditions. From Anapa to Tuapse stretches of the North-western segment of the Black Sea coast. It is characterized by a more sunny and dry in the summer, but he bathing season here is shorter and the air is cooler. The mountains in this part of the Black Sea coast is lower than in the south-east, but they are much closer to the sea, due to which the coast is full of coves, headlands and scenic coastal cliffs. Planning a vacation on the Black Sea with the child, you should pay attention to the resorts of the northern part of the Black Sea coast, as this is where the best sandy beaches and shingle beach, comfortable for bathing children and the climate is milder.

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