For a beach holiday on the sea

For a beach holiday on the sea To begin with the purchase of a large and vibrant towels so they could be seen from far away: for one such ceremony towel sunbathing together. For this purpose, you can also buy a rug for the beach, conveniently folds over to it by the handles can be worn as a bag. For the convenience of the feet Then you need to get a beautiful and comfortable slippers, which will protect you from the hot pebbles, hot sand and sea urchins. Beach bag Elegant and spacious beach bag - one of the most essential parts of your beach wardrobe. Excellent choice - a bag with a bright colorful pattern with wooden handles, laced in plastic, as was fashionable in the 80s. You may also prefer a bag and simpler, one-color and any non-binding. For swimming in the sea Men's swimming trunks, you can choose any style - traditional open, tight shorts of varying length, loose shorts with padding and pockets. For a woman buying a bathing suit - it is much more complicated. In order to freely roam around the grounds and sit at the beach bars in tone to swimsuit will certainly need to buy a couple or a large bright scarf made of natural light fabric. If you stay with a child who has grown up in an age where running around naked, it also needs to dress up. Buy delightfully bright boy swimming trunks, and the girl - child Piece Bikini bright colors. Protection of the sun Without a broad-brimmed hat and sunscreen at the beach be desirable. Straw hat with a wide brim will protect not only the head but also the delicate skin of the face from direct sunlight. In no event should not forget the fact that your children and husband also need protection from the bright sun in the form of a cap or panama. The eyes and the skin around the eyes should be protected with the help of sunglasses with high quality lenses. For entertainment on the beach Accessories for the beach, and not to be redundant during your trip. You can borrow books, magazines, board games, flippers, masks, circles and mattresses, colorful beach balls and other sports equipment will make your vacation at sea even more varied and interesting.

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